Experimental Win64 build!

Some modern forks of DOSBOX seem to have trouble with the interrupt-heavy code in the DOS version, so I added a VERY untested & experimental build for 64-bit Windows. Presumably this will run on Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 and possibly even XP64 and Vista. I have only tested it very briefly on Windows 7 at this time. Saving high scores or loading previously saved high scores may not work. This build is code-identical to version 1.3 for other platforms, no other changes were done.

Note that this is an UNSIGNED Windows executable. You may have to go through some hoops to get Windows 10 or 11 to run it.

This Win64 executable is not included in the floppy disk release.


GRIDFIGHTER 3D 1.3 for WIN7-10 64bit (experimental!) 1 MB
Jan 30, 2023

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