Beta preview of version 1.3

A full-featured version 1.3 with a host of improvements is in the works, but progress has been slower than I'd like, so enjoy this beta preview & get a taste of the upcoming version early! (DOS only for now.) Thanks to some swag new optimization work, Gridfighter 3D now runs fluidly on a 486DX and is even somewhat playable on a good 386 with a 387 math co-processor. (Yes, you really do want that co-pro.)

As this is a pre-release beta, there are a few bugs and features from 1.3 that aren't finished yet. Fortunately you're unlikely to run into them in normal play. Everything you could do in 1.2 works as it should, but the new stuff has not been extensively tested.

Try the new command-line parameters if you have a slow system:

  • lowres - runs in low-res 640x200 mode. Should run on a 128kB EGA card with this parameter set.
  • novsync - disables vsync (i.e. doesn't wait for vertical retrace.) This might help if you have a slow 386. It will also make the game sickeningly flickery on e.g. a fast Pentium so use at your own risk.


GRIDFIGHTER 3D 1.2F for DOS & WIN95/98 61 kB
Feb 03, 2018

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