Version 1.2

Major update! Restructured things to make the player, enemy, & laser updates all independent of the screen refresh. This means all FPS dependency has been eliminated and the game speed scales far better! The global cap has been REMOVED on DOS and set to 60 FPS on OS/X & Linux (you are unlikely to see much more than that on DOS even on a seriously-overpowered machine.) The game should NEVER, EVER peg the CPU at 100% on Linux & OS/X anymore (oops!)

Of course to go along with this, the enemy behaviour & difficulty curve have been tweaked again to reflect the new speed. ;)

There are also a whole host of small improvements to fix minor rendering bugs or oddities & make the controls and gameplay feel better overall. Give it a try if you've downloaded 1.1 already; I think you'll find the improvements have been worth it!

This update is probably the last major change to gameplay & mechanics that will be made; as far as I'm concerned Gridfighter 3D Version 1 is "complete." That said, I'll still be fixing bugs as needed and will GLADLY add support for more headsets & stereo 3D devices as I get my hands on them! Enjoy!


GRIDFIGHTER 3D 1.2 for DOS 57 kB
Oct 29, 2017
Oct 29, 2017

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